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Sability BrownAbout Sability

Sability was established with one purpose in mind:  to assist clients in all system related aspects of Human Capital Management.  From vendor selection to wringing the last bit of value from your systems over their lifetime, we have built the expertise and technologies to help you through the rough spots. 

  • Our vendor selection practice stays abreast of all relevant HCM software vendors through it's formal partnerships, dedicated training, and informal networks.  We'll be ready with seasoned, trained experts when you are.
  • We have built a series of rapid, fixed fee, functional and technical assessments so that you can get a quick view of where your gaps lie and how they can best be closed.
  • Our implementation practice developed innovative iteration based project management designs that level resources through a more even distribution of similar tasks through the implementation.  In other words, there are no huge ramp ups or ramp downs of functional consultants, developers, trainers, and testers.  Projects run smoothly, and you are live with segments of your population much faster.    
  • To upgrade effectively, we needed an intelligent way to move data.  Our WFM toolkit provides the necessary technology to safely and efficiently migrate tens of millions of rows across versions, across databases, or even across products.
  • We built out a data center to host your production, test, or training instances.  We'll stand up an instance in less time that it takes you to fill out a requisition for new hardware.  We built tools to move or archive your entire database (WFM DataManagement), only the configuration (WFM QuickRefresh), or one issue (WFM TimeCapture) to our servers for replication.

That's just the highlights.  The bottom line: there are no other HCM or WFM consulting firms in our class with the functional and technical capability that Sability has.

Creating the Link

Don't be fooled - selecting and implementing Human Capital Management or Workforce Management systems is not easy.  Sometimes organizations invest significant time and money in systems that do not end up solving their problems.  There are disconnects - either in how the system works, how people use the system, or in realizing tangible ROI. 

At Sability, we address these issues. We apply our proprietary technology and superior project management to each project, to ensure that our high performance standards are achieved. Our clients benefit from our expertise, often gaining functionality beyond their expectations, through a seamless process that practically eliminates any disruption to their business.


  • SABILITY INCORPORATED : 1 Glenlake Parkway : Suite 700 : Atlanta, GA 30328 : 404.521.2001 : Toll Free 800.301.3587