By some unfortunate turn of events I found myself unexpectedly on a redeye from Las Vegas to Atlanta after #SHRM11. For some reason I decided it would be interesting to see if I could put up a fully functional blogging website on the flight from LAS to ATL. Flight time: three and a half hours.

I did another odd thing. I tweeted that I was going to do that. No turning back now. I knew there was a high likelihood I would just go to sleep – but I’ve needed to get a proper blogging site up for a really long time.

That’s really a lot of words for what my family would say, “I got a wild hair” which is southern for a brief obsession for performing an unusual task.

Actual work time was more like two and a half hours while talking with a very nice older man about MASERS and how he had actually put his arms around a 50 kiloton nuclear weapon. I was calculating the half life of plutonium in my head.  I concluded I was relatively safe.

Here was my premise. I’ve attempted to travel with technology and replicate what I would do in the office for many years. Only within the past year has everything clicked.

Like a baby, this website has little content. But hopefully it’s enjoyable enough / cute enough to interact with and watch it grow.

My friend and co worker James just had twins – so those are pictures of his babies.