This is part one in our three-part series about Talent Management.

Complacency is the enemy of good business practices. It stagnates growth, both of the business itself and the employees within.

And I should know! Consider this story…

At my last company, I was the ‘top dog’ in my department. The positive praise coming from my co-workers was endless. I was eventually put in charge of projects that cost several millions of dollars. I was a rising star and I believed the hype as much as anyone else.

Then things changed.

Understanding your performance

For one, I had a new manager. He wasn’t as familiar with my performance and he was eager to put his own stamp on our department’s processes and projects, so I found myself in unfamiliar territory.

But I was a rock star, right? I’ll just keep chugging along and he’ll see that I’m a valued asset.

That’s complacency.

And what’s worse is that my new manager was just as complacent as I was, so much so that he was routinely postponing and overlooking required monthly updates to my objectives.

So I was feeling pretty comfortable, certain that I was meeting objectives, and the new manager was too busy to tell me otherwise.

Until it caught up with him – and me.

Reality sets in

He had been reprimanded for his lack of monthly reviews and his bosses had scrutinized my previous work. After that review, it became clear that I was completely off-schedule for my objectives and the company was reassessing whether I was a good fit. I went from rock star to dead-beat, because of my manager’s negligence as well as my own complacency.

Are you wondering the moral of the story?

Why bother reviewing objectives?

Stagnant objectives and goals can kill the productivity of any employee.

It’s simply too easy to become happy and comfortable with the status quo. If I had been more proactive in making sure I was within my objectives, or if my manager had stayed consistent in reviewing my objectives, we would have avoided the radar of upper management.

In order for a business to scale, everyone’s objectives need to grow and evolve. Sometimes it’s difficult for people on the inside to coordinate different points of view and needs, which is where Sability comes in.

We can help you streamline and redefine your employees’ objectives to optimize results and performance from your talent.

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