Hot Trends 2014Already in 2014, technology is making headlines. Google Glass is scheduled to launch to the general public later this year, and solar-powered planes are being tested for global travel. A bit more down to Earth, there are three major trends unfolding in the field of HR technology.

1. Mobile is HOT!

First, mobile is very hot across the board in 2014. According to a recent Towers Watson Survey, more than 60% of organizations provide mobile access via smart phones to employees and almost a quarter offer tablets as well.

In HR technology, mobile is being used for a variety of different functions, but scheduling is the most promising for the coming year. Mobile-based scheduling software banishes the need for the old planning meeting, tacking a schedule onto the wall of the employee break room, and then using a pencil to make changes. With new mobile scheduling, managers can:

  • Offer real-time scheduling by pushing out mobile alerts to employees.
  • Provide employees access to their schedule on their own devices.
  • Allow employees to pick up extra hours by responding to mobile alerts.
  • Fill gaps and make better economical decisions.
  • Manage union workers requirements more efficiently.

Look for mobile scheduling to expand this year and into 2015 as research and development at software companies continue to concentrate their efforts in this area.


2. SaaS is Growing

Second, SaaS (software-as-a-service)-based products continue to grow not only in popularity, but in security and reliability. More small to mid-sized companies are starting to put these cloud-based products to use instead of using paper time card systems.

However, for larger companies, SaaS can be limiting, as larger companies often need more customization and often have to adapt software to their needs. Consultancies such as Sability has the knowledge and expertise to adapt these cloud-based systems to company needs, as well as help with vendor selection and project management.

3. Talent Management Can Take You New Places

Third, look for talent management HCM software to expand into new areas that further integrate the entire HR process from hire to fire. These include:

  • Combining WFM and HCM functions with recruiting, onboarding, scheduling, implementation, competency management, performance management, payroll, garnishments and exiting all rolled into one system.
  • Adding modules such as succession planning that can help HR identify the next company CEO and manage performance and career aspirations.

It looks to be an interesting year. Let’s see by 2015 how many of these new technologies are already integrated into your HR systems. If you need help with any of your HR technology needs, contact Sability today.