With the new year upon us, it’s a good time to start thinking about upgrading your enterprise HCM system. If you’re like most, the topic of “upgrade” comes up when your team begins thinking about new requirements or more efficient ways to do business. But then, inevitably, the idea gets put on hold because the process and planning can be overwhelming.

It’s a good idea to weigh the pros and cons of maintaining older systems vs. upgrading to new ones. One thing is certain: Keeping older systems can be costly. They may require ongoing tech support because they’re no longer supported by the vendor, or perhaps the software has reached its “end of life.” In fact, some industry polls show as much as 87% of IT budgets are spent on support of legacy systems.

Modernizing your system may be a better alternative. Have you assessed your current needs against those from when you first implemented your WFM solution? With options of outsourced support, production hosting, and faster, more efficient software platforms, your end-result gain could outweigh fixing the old system.

Consider these Do’s and Don’ts when thinking about your next HCM upgrade.

keep a watchful eye on new features or enhancements from your vendor.

An increase in productivity or utilization of your system can often be seen by simply introducing new features that were not available when you first implemented.

Don’t forget to do a cost analysis of your upgrade.

Depending on your software version, it might be in your best interest to assess the upgrade cost vs. the cost of a new solution. By doing a vendor analysis, you can get a current snapshot of vendors available that meet your needs.

Do make sure you plan accordingly.

Depending on the scope of your upgrade, the work involved can sometimes be just as time-consuming as your initial implementation. Assemble the right team, including business representatives, IT representatives and project managers. They can also help ensure a successful implementation.

Don’t be overwhelmed—upgrades are fun!

Well, they should be at the very least. If this is your first time going through the process, take some extra time and build a solid repeatable process you can depend on. Keep open lines of communication and test the process periodically. With a little forward thinking, you will set your team up for success!

Do consider your options.

Are you on-premise? Are you hosted? Would a cloud solution best fit your current needs? Upgrades can also be a good time to re-evaluate your current position and look for opportunities to increase productivity and lower costs.

Finally, Do consider partnering with an expert.

An expert can guide you down the right path. Working with an experienced HCM partner, such as Sability,  can help you uncover the hidden value within your upgrade project.

Keeping the old or starting anew, we would love to hear your story! Please share in the comments.


Alan Segal is VP of Client Services for Sability, responsible for ensuring seamless execution of services for its clients. A leader in enterprise HCM and WFM, Alan’s past experience includes assisting some of North Americas largest clients with their WFM deployments. Outside the office, you might find him on a motorcycle cruising along our country’s backroads or cooking up a culinary delight in his kitchen.