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Hyatt Live on Workbrain

WFM Workbrain to Manage Complex Labor Challenges and Deliver Efficiency to Hyatt’s Workforce ~ Reprint of Infor’s Press Release.

Infor, a leading provider of business applications, today announced Hyatt, a leading global hospitality company with a proud heritage of making guests feel more than welcome, has successfully launched Infor WFM Workbrain in its shared service model to more than 40,000 individuals working at more than 110 North American hotels. The workforce management solution provides Hyatt a better way to quickly report on labor costs and automate previously manual time-off request and accrual processes.

– Hyatt has deployed Infor WFM Workbrain to manage processes related to workforce labor.
– Workbrain has replaced many manual processes at Hyatt, in such areas as payroll close, time off requests and retroactive adjustments.
– The Workbrain application has empowered hotel employees through self-service capabilities, including visibility of hours and time off requests.
– Companies that use Infor WFM Workbrain solutions have increased their net profit margins by 15-40 basis points; reduced their labor costs by up to 6%; and cut the time it takes to complete administrative tasks by as much as 60%.

What Hyatt Says
“Hyatt wanted to evolve its time and attendance process from a decentralized, manually intensive approach,” said Doug Patrick, senior vice president of Human Resources, North American Operations. “We sought a solution that was adaptable to meet the complex pay practices in each of our full service properties in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.”

What [Infor Says]
“Infor is unique in its ability to provide a wide variety of business solutions to hospitality companies, including, hospitality, financial, customer relationship, and workforce management systems,” says Tracy Flynn, general manager, Hospitality, Infor. “Infor’s Workbrain solution helps companies in highly decentralized industries, such as hospitality, by providing a more consistent, transparent and accurate way in which to manage their workforce.”

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