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Sability Measures Workforce Management Operations with Scorecard

Sability introduces the Workforce Management Scorecard to provide a comprehensive inventory of WFM processes, identify areas for improvement and prioritization based on maximum return on investment (ROI).

(PRWEB) May 27, 2010 — This week, Sability introduced the Workforce Management (WFM) Scorecard to provide companies with valuable metrics for analyzing current WFM practices, prioritizing future investments and quantifying return on investment.

Tailored to each client, the Scorecard is scalable to fit simple organizations or complex, multi-organization processes.

“In this economy, our clients are looking for specific, measurable rationale before further spending,” said Alice Penton, Vice President at Sability. “We wanted to offer an efficient solution that is executed rapidly and efficiency – providing meaningful metrics to our clients in weeks instead of months.”

Sability’s WFM Scorecard helps clients plan responses to current economic challenges and industry changes. Using pre-defined online surveys and interviews, Sability provides a top-down analysis, collecting and analyzing WFM operations at many organizational levels. The final Report Card summarizes current WFM processes and provides a list of improvement priorities based on Return on Investment (ROI) predictors.

“A secondary benefit of the Scorecard is to provide clients with a baseline to measure projects after implementation,” Ms. Penton continued. “Second, or further runs, of the scorecard analysis can be completed in days, at minimal cost to the client; quantifying the return from process improvements.”

About Sability, Inc.
Sability is a leading Workforce Management consulting firm dedicated to helping companies create the link between technology and tangible business results. Sability has established itself as the trusted advisor to Fortune 50 and smaller organizations, by assisting them throughout their WFM life-cycle; including analysis, implementation, customization, system management and upgrades. Sability’s consultants provide unmatched depth in both the functional and technical aspects of Workforce Management – taking a Whole Solution view that includes business processes, software configuration, user adoption, best practices, compliance and technical infrastructure. Sability’s customers span multiple industries and include well known names such as American Airlines, Hyatt Hotels and JCPenney.

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