HCM Delivery Services

Project Oversight engagements are client-side services that help our customers successfully prepare for and execute a HCM implementation project.  Many companies underestimate the effort that will be required of their internal resources or the value of having experienced resources to participate in an implementation project.  Common project issues arise from misalignment of role and responsibilities between the vendor and the customer, a lack of team preparation prior to kickoff, and inexperienced resources assigned to perform Project Management and Change Management duties.

Sability’s Project Oversight services are designed to eliminate these risks and increase your chances for an on-time and on-budget system go-live.

Experienced HCM Implementation Project Manager to control your project.
Manage the impact on your organization to improve engagement and adoption.
Assessments and activities to prepare for an HCM implementation project.


Experienced HCM Implementation Project Managers to Control Your Project

Client-project management for a software implementation requires a significant time commitment and should be assigned to someone with the skills, experience and available time to keep the project on track.  The right resource is a skilled communicator, able to lead cross-departmental teams, and possessing a breadth of functional, technical and HCM process knowledge to oversee all facets of the implementation.

Do not fall into the trap of simply assigning the role of Project Manager to a department manager who does not have the time or experience to dedicate to this large investment.

Sability’s Project Managers have led dozens of HCM implementation projects throughout their careers and are skilled at leading your team and avoiding project pitfalls.

Using a Sability Project Manager will help you:

  • Establish and communicate a common set of goals
  • Create and manage an achievable plan to complete the project on-time and on-budget.
  • Know what needs to get done and make sure that it gets done.
  • Anticipate challenges and risks and help navigate around or through them.
  • Manage communications with your vendor.
  • Keep internal project team members engaged and on track for their tasks.
  • Align vendor implementation consultants with overall project tasks and timelines.


Manage the Impact on Your Organization to Improve Engagement and Adoption

Change Management is all about acknowledging the impact that peoples’ resistance to change can have on the success of your project initiatives. You can spend a lot of time and money implementing a new solution, but you won’t get any of the ROI unless people use it.

A Change Management project measures the amount of change that will impact different parts of your company and develops communication and training strategies to overcome resistance to change and improve user adoption.  When properly managed, the roadblocks to your success are identified early and people are moved from a position of fear or resistance toward one of openness and participation.

“Change management with technology deployments continues as a game changer!… For practitioners, change management is critical to improve user adoption. You must be able to prove the value of these new processes and systems to resistant workers to be successful in the implementation.”

CedarCrestone 2013–2014 HR Systems Survey White Paper, 16th Annual Edition


Assessments and Activities to Prepare for an HCM Implementation

There are many things a company should do prior to starting a software implementation project.  Resources must be selected and roles defined for the project team.  Requirements must be documented and policies updated.  Legacy data should be scrubbed clean in preparation for migration.

Let us assess your readiness and provide the leadership and manpower to get off on the right foot.

  • Do you clearly understand what is expected from your team versus the vendor’s team?
  • Have you identified resources for your team and are they the right people?
  • Do they have the available time and experience to perform their duties?
  • Are your system requirements and policies clearly documented?
  • Are you ready to align business processes with the way the vendor’s software opperates?
  • Do you have a training strategy?
  • Do you know what data is to be migrated and is it clean?


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