Our team can be engaged to implement your UKG system or we can provide support to your internal team when the software vendor is doing the implementation.  Either way, our UKG implementation teams are staffed with vendor-certified project managers and consultants who know the in’s and out’s of your software package and we are ready to roll up our sleeves to help you achieve your HCM vision.










Assessments and Activities to Prepare for an HCM Implementation

There are many things a company should do prior to starting a software implementation project.  Resources must be selected and roles defined for the project team.  Requirements must be documented and policies updated.  Legacy data should be scrubbed clean in preparation for migration.

Let us assess your readiness and provide the leadership and manpower to get off on the right foot.

  • Do you clearly understand what is expected from your team versus the vendor’s team?
  • Have you identified resources for your team and are they the right people?  Do they have the available time and experience to perform their project duties?
  • Are your system requirements and policies clearly documented?  If needed, are you willing align business processes with the way the vendor’s software operates?
  • Do you have a training strategy?
  • Do you know what data is to be migrated and is it clean?


Implementation Assistance engagements add Sability’s certified project managers and consultants to a client’s project team when an HCM implementation is being performed by the software vendor. 

It’s easy for clients to underestimate the effort that will be required from their internal team or to assume that a vendor’s pre-implementation training will make their team self-sufficient.  Unfortunately, project issues can arise from misalignment of roles and responsibilities between the vendor and the customer or from inexperienced client resources being assigned to perform project management, requirements gathering, testing and training duties.  By adding Sability resources to supplement the client-side team, we help eliminate these risks and increase your chances for an on-time and on-budget system go-live.


    Experienced HCM Implementation Project Managers to Control Your Project

    Client-side project management for a software implementation requires a significant time commitment and should be assigned to someone with the skills, experience and available time to keep the project on track. The right resource is a skilled communicator, able to lead cross-departmental teams, and having a wide breadth of functional, technical and HCM process knowledge to oversee all facets of the implementation.

    Do not fall into the trap of simply assigning the role of Project Manager to a department manager who does not have the time or experience to dedicate to this large investment.
    Sability’s Project Managers have led dozens of HCM implementation projects throughout their careers and are skilled at leading your team and avoiding project pitfalls.

    Using a Sability Project Manager will help you:

    • Establish and communicate a common set of goals
    • Create and manage an achievable plan to complete the project on-time and on-budget.
    • Know what needs to get done and make sure that it gets done.
    • Anticipate challenges and risks and help navigate around or through them.
    • Manage communications with your vendor.
    • Keep internal project team members engaged and on track for their tasks.
    • Align vendor implementation consultants with overall project tasks and timelines.


    Sability maintains the highest levels of certification offered by our software partners which allow us to perform full system implementations, including both functional and technical activities. Our teams is staffed with experienced project managers and consultants who have “been there and done that” across long careers and hundreds of implementation projects and our project methodology will carefully lead your team through requirements gathering, software configuration, system integration, data migration, testing, go-live and stabilization.

    Choosing Sability to perform your implementation has the following benefits:

    • On average, our teams maintain higher levels of resource seniority and lower turnover than software vendor implementation teams.
    • Our methodologies are flexible, allowing us to provide additional levels of service in areas where client’s need it.
    • Our approach allows the merging of process re-engineering, requirements documentation and system design into a single activity, resulting in processes that are designed for best practices within your chosen software solution.
    • Assign one project manager to oversee the whole project. The need for a “vendor project manager” and a “client project manager” can be eliminated.
    • Our projects can support all variations of big bang, phased implementations or phased rollouts.
    • Take as long as you need to get comfortable with the new system. After go-live, our team will stay engaged as long as you want and we won’t turn you over to customer support until you a ready.


    If your business has changed or you’ve realized that the system configurations are no longer optimized for your business, Sability’s team can quickly assess the situation and create a roadmap to realign the software to your needs. Often, there are quick wins that will offer immediate relief and other improvements that can be achieved over a period of months. The good news is that you are in charge. We will provide you with the list of recommended improvements, including the time and effort required to achieve them; and you can choose which ones to implement and how fast to roll them out.


    There are both functional and technical challenges that come with loading a recently acquired business into an existing HCM system. Are the new employees going to be loaded into existing organization levels or new ones? Will grandfathered pay and time off policies need to be added to the system or will everyone be assigned to existing policies? How will the acquisition effect the reports you already use and are there any new reports needed? These are just a few of the many questions that need to be answered and Sability has the experience to guide you through them all.


    Each software package has its own reporting tools and it often takes an experienced technical consultant to fully utilize the more advanced functions available. Sability has the experience to help you design your reports, provide hands-on guidance if you choose to build some yourself, and the expertise to tackle the more complicated ones for you.


    HCM implementations often focus on the core modules of HR, Payroll and Time with a goal to implement other modules later, such as Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance Management, Compensation, Learning or Engagement. Sability’s consultants are ready to guide you through the process and carefully integrate the new features into your existing system.


    Contact us today to learn how Sability can help your realize your HCM vision.