HCM Strategy Services

Decisions regarding your Human Capital Management (HCM) roadmap are complicated by the sheer volume of business processes that fall under HCM and the fact that HCM processes and systems cross boundaries between HR, Payroll, IT and Operations.  Given all of these variables, it’s important that your organization takes a holistic approach to developing an HCM roadmap, allowing input from across the company and crafting a strategy that incorporates everyone’s needs.

There is no single answer to the question of where to go next or which requirements should take priority.  Some groups may benefit from updating existing systems while others may be ready for a full scale replacement.

Sability’s HCM Strategy services are designed to take a comprehensive view of your overall HCM functions, evaluate them, facilitate communication between departments and define a roadmap that incorporates where you are today and where you want to be in the future.

Execute a structured and efficient search for your next HCM system.
Comprehensive review of all your HCM processes from hire to retire.
Identify your HCM gaps with the greatest return on investment.
Quantify the value of your investment in new HCM technology.


Execute a Structured and Efficient Search for Your Next HCM System

The decision to replace some or all of your HCM technology is not a small one.  The marketplace is full of HCM software suites and best of breed point solutions.  There is no single combination that works for all organizations.

When conducting a Vendor Selection project, Sability will execute a structured and efficient search for your next HCM solution.  We’ll help you select the right internal resources to participate in the project and work with you to document key requirements based on your company’s goals.  We’ll help you write your RFI/RFP and circulate it to the right vendors for consideration and then advise you in moving from the long-list of all possible vendors, down to a manageable short-list of truly viable candidates.  Our methodology emphasizes the use of scripted demonstrations from your short-list vendors and avoids wasted time on high effort but low value activities that would slow down the process.  We’ll get to the heart of the matter quickly and allow you to compare your options based on functionality, technical alignment, vendor fit, service quality, and overall total cost of ownership.  Finally, once you’ve made a vendor selection, we’ll continue to advise you during the contracting process to be sure you understand your options and establish the most beneficial vendor relationship.



Comprehensive Review of All HCM Processes from Hire to Rehire

HCM Process Assessments divide your HCM functions into their component parts so that every process is evaluated.  Consultants facilitate workshops and interviews with Executive Stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts and Operational Users from across your organization.  The result is a comprehensive view of your HCM strengths and weaknesses, opportunities for improvement and recommendations for achieving your HCM goals.

“I’ve dealt with dozens of 3rd party vendors and consultants.  Sability is the best because of their competence, expertise and great customer service.  After completing the process assessment, we’ve already started two projects with Sability on process and change management.”

Manager, HR Technology


Identify your HCM gaps with the greatest return on investment.

Before looking for a new software solution and getting distracted by the bells and whistles, it’s important to determine the key requirements for your business.  Every company is different and it’s critical that you understand what is important to yours.

  • Are you in a high-turnover industry where recruiting, onboarding and training are particularly challenging?
  • Do you have a large hourly workforce where employee productivity and labor cost controls the key to your profitability?
  • Do you have great people, but are losing high performers due to lack of talent development opportunities?

These questions, among others, must be considered before you begin your search.  Once you know what problems you are trying to fix, then you can determine if a change in software, process, or company policy is the right fix.



Quantify the Value of Your Investment in New HCM Technology

Do you need to build a strong business case to demonstrate the value of an investment in a new HCM system?  Are there key stakeholders that still need to be convinced?  Do you need to demonstrate a minimum ROI to gain approval and funding for your HCM initiatives?  Sability’s consultants can assist you in identifying the hard and soft savings that come from improved HCM processes and investments in updated HCM technology.

HCM value can come from any number of areas, including:

  • improved speed and quality of new hires
  • reduced risk of compliance and pay errors
  • higher employee retention and engagement
  • improved user adoption and employee satisfaction
  • higher employee efficiency though elimination of manual processes
  • costs savings through elimination of waste

The value rarely comes from any one area, but the sum of all the incremental value can be surprisingly high and can easily justify a plan to move forward with your HCM strategies.


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