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We are currently seeking experienced Human Capital Management (HCM) consultants and project managers. If you have at least five years of experience on an enterprise HCM platform in the areas of HR, Payroll, Talent Management or Workforce Management, you like what you read below, and you are looking for a new challenge – we’d love to hear from you.

Our Background

Since its founding in the early ’90s, the Sability team has been driven by a vision of a better way of optimizing Human Capital Management systems that more tightly link employees, management and technology. Thus it’s no surprise that Sability employs the most experienced, HCM-savvy consultants working today.

Sability consultants are known for their ability to leverage their knowledge to help our customers, stay calm in a crisis, and maintain confidence – while managing projects in highly visible situations.

Here are a few key traits we look for…


To start, you have to be smart.  We aren’t talking about advanced calculus or your SAT scores, but we are talking about problem solving.  That is what we do.  Successful Sability employees are intelligent, have a broad set of skills and can look at problems from different angles.  Is it a technical issue or a business issue?  What are the three options my customer has to address the problem and how can I help them evaluate to pick the right one?  Smart people like having problems to solve.

Customer Focus

Being smart and having prior experience isn’t enough.  You have to believe that your experiences are valuable to others and have the desire to help your customers by offering yourself up for their benefit.  At the end of the day, we are here because our customers need us; helping them fix their problems and making them successful in reaching their goals.


You don’t have to have a personality like everyone else, but you have to have a personality.  Do you have a passion for art, music, movies…?  Do you have above average social skills or a great sense of humor?  People like working with people who have personality.  Call it cultural fit, charisma, character or whatever; you know what we’re talking about and you’ve got to have it.


Our customers hire us because we’ve “been there and done that”. It’s important that our consultants have the industry knowledge to offer our customers insight, perspective and best practices learned through experience. Your particular experience may be as a HCM practitioner, administration of a specific software package or working as an implementer of similar HCM software solutions, but no matter what you must have had multiple years of experience to bring to the table

Work Independently with a Team Attitude

Sability is a virtual organization with all employees working remotely from home offices or customer sites.  Although projects may include virtual teams, consultants work independently much of their time and with little daily supervision.  To be successful, a consultant must have strong time management skills, the ability to work independently and the perspective to ask for help when it’s needed.  At the same time though, our consulting practices operate as teams within the company and team members are constantly coming together to support each other.  The right candidates are able to seamlessly and simultaneously be in both states of mind.

Sability employees are rewarded for their hard work and entrepreneurial spirit with competitive salaries, profit sharing bonus plan, health benefits and flexible work environments. If you think you have the right stuff, we want to hear from you.

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