Leadership and expertise.

Getting to know our management team

Rob Leonard

Chief Executive Officer

James Shryock

Chief Strategy Officer

Peter Dignam

Chief Operating Officer

Jill Carroll

Senior Vice President of Services

Kathy Kruse

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Ian Mise

Senior Vice President of Canada

Chris Mueller

Senior Vice President of Services

Erica Carter

Director, Marketing & Customer Success

Kimberley Fiume

Director, Compliance & Best Practices

Penny Freeman

Director, HCM Consulting Services

Iain Fulton

Director, IT

Letha Hall

Director, Managed Services

Michael Mearman

Director, UKG Services

Sherry Parrish

Director, HCM Consulting Services

Michelle Sorenson

Director, WFM

Lynda Taniguchi

Director, Human Resources & Recruiting

Tina Walker

Director, UKG Kronos

Stacey Wolf

Director, Operations

Meg Wright